LvL86 : Secret Deal



However, we've got some good news. There is actually a better program out there that does everything LvL86 use to do --- and more!
It's called Impulse, and it provides even better keybindings than lvl86 use to. Clicking here to learn about it!

If you're interested in LvL86 Keybindings and Macros you must check out this Impulse program instead! Since lvl86 is gone, we went around to see if there was an alternative. We've found a hidden gem that is even better than lvl 86. We've got a special secret link that makes you get awesome bonuses when you sign up that you wouldn't get anywhere else. Find the secret link at the bottom of the review!

Let's talk a little bit about the actual software. It's 100% legal and it was designed by a group of professional WoW gamers, both PvE and PvP pros. They shared their unique knowledge together to build the framework and the keybindings and macros, so everyone who purchased the software could start using the easy and advanced keybindings.

First, it's quite easy to use. I know keybindings can be daunting, but the ease with which I was able to get going on my toons surprised me. There's no crazy settings to configure, no numbers to tweak, nothing like that. Simply, I selected my class, spec and race and I was ready to go. I expected a complicated process so I went ahead and watched some of the instructional videos... but it was so simple! Anyway, in case you do get lost along the way the videos are very entertaining and instructional. It's really simple to follow along what's going on the screen, so even those of us who aren't computer wizards can get these things done.

So once I got the keybindings transferred, I logged on my character. I looked over the instructions to learn the keybinding layouts, but I wanted something more, so I did some googling.. and I found the Impulse addon. It's even better than the old lvl86 addon! It's a little tricky to find, but I've got a nice link to it to spare you guys the search. So with the new addon, I went in game and started DPSing and never before felt so elated and powerful. I'll be honest, it took me about 10 minutes before I was comfortable with the keys. After a little bit of practice, I looked at my DPS and I noticed it was a lot more than before. I was doing 15.5K dps. and before I would barely do 10k! This was amazing! That was something that definitely let me do really good damage, all because of the program.

There were a little bit of downsides too, because when I went to do the damage I would sometimes be a little confused about turning. I know turning with the mouse is the best way but I was used to turning with the a / d keys for a long time. I had to change that back, but on my melee characters I will use the strafe as they do in the program. I just feel like in dungeons I think I can do better with the keyboard turning.

My guild was doing Blackwing Lair later the day, and I got an invite to the main raid because they were down. I'll tell you what... I was second on the dmg meter! Woah! Now, if you've never done the fight, it's a raid fight in the new 4.3 patch. There are some tricky fights where you need to switch targets, and I always had trouble clicking them. Well, with my new keybindings I found I could do target switches so easily. Anyway, we downed two new bosses that week, and my guild leader was so happy with my DPS he invited me to be on the permanent raid team. I've got to say a lot of that was because of the DPS rotations, the keybindings and the instructional videos.

Overall, I have to give the software 4.5/5 stars. It was really worth it.

So trying out the Impulse Software Package is RISK-FREE...

Product Website:
Product Creator: Manaview Impulse
Starting Price: $37.00
Refund Period: 60 days

Okay, so it's time to share the secret download link. Like I said, I've looked far and wide to get this one, and the bonus is the in-game addon! By registering through this link, you get the LvL86 Addon to see the keybindings in game!


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